After a car crash, minor injuries can be a major pain

Anyone who has been involved in a serious Massachusetts car accident is aware of the trauma and destruction that can follow. When an accident is less severe, those involved are incredibly grateful that they have not suffered catastrophic physical damage. However, it is important to note that even minor injuries suffered in a car crash can be incredibly disruptive.

Often, injuries that are classified as minor at the time of a crash can turn into persistent medical issues over time. This is especially true for injuries to one's back and neck, where the full extent of the damage done is not always readily apparent until days or even weeks after the event. Abrasions, contusions and muscle tears can also lead to short-term problems performing one's work or household tasks.

An example could lie in a recent car crash in which four cars collided after one apparently stopped short on Interstate 91. While no one appears to have been seriously injured in the crash, several of those involved could miss time from work as they recover from the accident. It is impossible to determine if related issues could arise in the weeks and months ahead. The vehicles involved in the crash were damaged as well, which could lead to expensive repair work and a temporary loss of transportation.

All of these outcomes deserve to be addressed, especially in cases in which a car crash was caused by the negligent acts of one driver. In such cases, a personal injury lawsuit is often the best way to recover financial losses that result from an accident, in Massachusetts or elsewhere. Damages awarded in such a case could be used to cover the cost of emergency medical treatment, property damage and time lost from work.

Source:, "Multi-Vehicle Crash Snarled Traffic on I-91 in Holyoke", Ryan Trowbridge, Nov. 14, 2014