Shocking DUI car crash child fatality statistics

Massachusetts drivers tend to follow the rules of the road and safety standards to the best of their ability. However, as careful as one is, a car crash is sometimes unavoidable -- especially when an inebriated driver causes it. The sad truth is that numerous children die in DUI accidents every year. The even sadder truth is that many of these children were actually passengers in the vehicle that was being operated by the inebriated driver, and most of the fatally injured children had not been appropriately restrained with a safety harness.

As far as specific statistics go, a study was recently published by a health center in the Midwest. The study revealed that, during the first decade of this century, 2,344 kids (who were 14 years of age or younger) lost their lives in drunk driving crashes. Approximately 65 percent of them were in the same motor vehicle as the intoxicated operator. Even worse, approximately 60 percent of them were not wearing their seat belts.

Clearly, it is the responsibility of a driver to abstain from driving while intoxicated. Certainly, it is the responsibility of a driver to require any child in his or her vehicle to wear a seat belt. As such, these sobering figures are indeed a shame, considering that many of these child deaths likely could have been avoided if the driver had done just one of these things, which one would assume that any responsible Massachusetts driver would do if a child was in his or her car.

When a family suffers the loss of their child in a car crash caused by another person's negligence, it may take them a great deal of time to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives, but the hurt and pain will never go away. As such, these families may wish to hold the drunk driver accountable for the death of their child in civil court and seek restitution for their loss. Pursuing such a wrongful death claim is an extremely personal decision; nevertheless, it can also be a way for families to gain some sense of emotional resolution with regard to the tragedy.

Source: Reuters, "Drunk driving crashes involving child deaths vary by state", Andrew Seaman, May 5, 2014