Massachusetts man killed in tragic car crash involving wheelchair

A Massachusetts man has lost his life after getting hit by a motor vehicle in Wareham. According to police, they arrived at the scene of the accident at about 1 a.m., in the early morning hours of a recent Saturday. There, they discovered a 24-year-old man who had suffered injuries after a pickup truck hit him while he was in his wheelchair. Although authorities transported the man to the hospital, doctors were unable to save him, and he later died of his car crash injuries.

The pickup truck driver was arrested at the accident scene and booked for homicide by vehicle. Other charges he faces include negligent operation and failure to maintain his lane. As of May 24, the driver was still being held by authorities and had not been granted bail, pending his arraignment scheduled for a future date.

The unfortunate crash is still under investigation by police, who have spent hours trying to reconstruct what took place while taking photographs of the accident location. Both the Massachusetts State Police and the Wareham police have been involved in the investigation of this extremely tragic crash. It is certainly hoped that police investigations will produce valuable evidence that will assist state prosecutors in bringing justice to this matter.

Evidence gathered by police in this case may also help the victim’s family members to pursue wrongful death claims regarding their loved one’s loss. For example, it could be revealed that the pickup truck driver was negligent and/or engaged in unlawful behavior that caused the car crash. If such facts are revealed, they could serve to strengthen and bolster any wrongful death claims that family members choose to proceed with.

Source:, "Wheelchair-bound Onset man killed in accident early Saturday", , May 24, 2014