3 people hurt in car accident in Massachusetts

A car crash in the early evening of May 14 sent three people to the hospital, according to local law enforcement. Massachusetts police are still in the process of determining what caused the car accident that afternoon. So far, no one has been formally charged in connection with the incident.

Very little information is currently available about the specifics of the accident, which is said to have occurred at an intersection in Springfield. It has been confirmed that three separate cars were involved in the incident, and that three people were taken to local hospitals as a result of the crash. Their injuries are believed to be non life-threatening, but their current statuses are unknown.

Police have not commented on whether they believe the accident was the result of one or more drivers' negligence, or whether alcohol was involved in the crash. Their investigation is ongoing as of this writing, and they have issued no formal charges to any of the three drivers involved in the crash. At the time of this report, the crash area was being overseen by police, causing some slowdown of traffic in the area.

If Massachusetts police are able to narrow down the cause of the car accident to the actions of one or more of the drivers involved in the crash, those drivers may face criminal charges related to whatever those actions may have been. However, regardless of criminal activity, the injured victims of the accident are entitled under state law to file a personal injury lawsuit against any driver who can credibly be blamed for causing the accident. A civil suit of this nature will still require evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the driver or drivers responsible in order for reparations to be ordered.

Source: wggb.com, "Three Injured Following Three Car Accident in Springfield", , May 14, 2014