Massachusetts teenager accused in hit and run car accident

A teenager has been accused of striking a pedestrian with his car and then leaving the scene of the accident. According to police, the 17-year-old male struck a university student who was walking her family dog. The Massachusetts car accident sent the 23-year-old pedestrian to the hospital in serious condition. Her current status is unknown.

Police did not indicate how they located the teenage driver, but they did not ultimately arrest him. Rather, they summoned him to court, where he will face charges of hit-and-run, negligent vehicle operation and failing to slow down for a pedestrian. He has also been charged with violating junior operator restrictions that apply regarding passengers.

The serious injuries sustained by the victim of this accident include swelling of the brain, a broken arm and a broken leg. She also suffered broken facial bones and cracked vertebrae. According to the girl's father, her recovery will take months. Indeed, with injuries like this, she may require multiple surgeries and may never fully recover.

Considering the severity of this woman's car accident injuries and the length of time it will take for her to recover, the medical bills associated with her injuries will no doubt be substantial. In many cases, Massachusetts residents do not have sufficient medical insurance to cover such prohibitive expenses. This is where a personal injury lawsuit may be helpful. Those faulted for negligently causing injuries to another in a car accident can be held financially accountable under the law. Moreover, the owner of the car that the teen was driving may also face liability claims if the teenager had permission to use the vehicle.

Source:, Teen boy charged in Worcester hit-and-run, No author, March 3, 2014