3 men injured during car accident in Massachusetts.

During the early evening hours, three young men were injured in a serious car crash recently. Apparently involved in what some may refer to as a "joy ride," they passed a Massachusetts police cruiser on patrol in the area, who noticed the vehicle was traveling extremely fast. Allegedly, the vehicle operator was driving at dangerously high speeds when the vehicle hit a bump in the street and sent the car flying into the air. The car accident ensued, with the car swerving violently into a telephone pole, causing the vehicle to roll over.

Emergency personnel arrived on the scene to discover a vehicle involved in a single car accident. It was completely totaled. The driver and the passenger in the front seat were ejected from the car upon impact, while the third occupant remained in the vehicle. All three men -- ages 18, 19 and 20 -- were injured in the accident and transported to a hospital to be treated.

Due to the downed telephone pole, the area was without power for several hours while crews cleared the site and repaired the damage. There have not -- as yet -- been any charges or citations filed. Authorities continue to investigate the accident.

Thankfully, no one was fatally injured in the car accident. The Massachusetts locals sustained serious injuries but are expected to recover. The injured passengers may have the right to commence personal injury claims against the driver and any separate owner of the vehicle involved in the crash. If someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligence of another, the party deemed to have been at fault could be held financially responsible to reimburse victims for medical bills and other monetary damages related to the injuries they suffered.

Source: South Coast Today, Three Middleboro men injured in Rochester crash are in fair condition, Auditi Guha, March 5, 2014