How to limit the negative repercussions from a car accident

The first thing that most Taunton residents do following a car crash is the last thing they should -- panic. In order to avoid these inevitable feelings of panic and fear, drivers involved in a car accident need an action plan. Fortunately, by following some important guidelines, most of those panicky feelings, in addition a lot of problems, can be circumvented after a car crash.

First, drivers must remember that even the slightest fender-bender could be considered a car accident. No matter how serious the collision, if one does not stop to survey the damage and talk with other drivers involved in the crash, it could result in a hit-and-run citation, which is a very serious offense. Second, after stopping, drivers will want to look for damage and injuries and call the police. If injuries are discovered, then it is also important to contact 911 immediately.

While waiting for police and/or emergency crews to arrive, drivers may want to photograph as much of the accident scene as possible. Also, record all contact information, drivers’ license information, license plates and other pertinent data relating to the cars and people involved in the crash. Finally, and very importantly, do not agree to sign any kind of affidavits or paperwork that release an accident participant from liability relating to the crash.

Those involved in a Taunton car accident may also want to get in touch with a legal professional, especially if they were injured in a crash that was the fault of another motorist. Indeed, auto accident victims may have the ability to seek financial restitution from the party deemed responsible. Especially in cases where a victim is required to pay costly medical bills relating to their injuries, a civil claim for damages could be the victim's best way to pay for that medical care and the other damages that normally arise in the aftermath of a serious accident.

Source:, "7 Steps to Protect Yourself After a Car Accident", Tim Sprinkle, June 25, 2014