20-year-old college student killed in car accident

A tragic Massachusetts pedestrian accident in Sharon has resulted in the death of a promising 20-year-old college student. The young woman was killed in the car accident while she was out for a run on a recent Sunday. A driver -- who has a history of being involved in car crashes and speeding violations -- struck her while she was standing on a street corner talking to someone.

Police have charged the driver who allegedly killed the young woman with operating a vehicle on a suspended license, lane violation and speeding. The 44-year-old man has a lengthy rap sheet of prior traffic incidents. His record includes 10 speeding tickets and having been at fault for 10 car accidents. A neighbor said that cars frequently speed in the area where the young woman was killed.

Family members and friends will miss this young college student terribly. According to her uncle, she had recently moved into a new apartment and was a student at Simmons College. Her uncle said that his niece was going to be an incredible wife and mother one day. He said that her loss was senseless and it shook the very boundaries of his faith.

Police examine numerous pieces of evidence following a Massachusetts car accident in order to determine how the accident may have occurred. Eyewitness accounts, police investigations and security camera footage play an important role during criminal court proceedings following accidents caused by an individual’s malfeasance or unlawful behavior. This evidence also plays an important role in determining liability during civil court proceedings, should victims and/or family members of deceased victims choose to pursue restitution against the person responsible.

Source: myfoxboston.com, "Driver charged in accident that killed Sharon runner had suspended license", , June 16, 2014