1 driver dead after horrific Massachusetts car crash

An Interstate 95 car accident claimed the life of one woman recently. According to the Massachusetts State Police, five more individuals suffered injury in the tragic car crash, which occurred on a recent Friday night during rush hour. Authorities claim that the accident was caused by an out-of-control SUV that hit another vehicle head-on.

Reportedly, the SUV flew across the Interstate’s grass median, directly into oncoming traffic, where it collided with two different vehicles. Police are still investigating the accident. The 53-year-old driver of the SUV survived the crash, but he required hospital treatment for minor injuries. A young boy, aged 5, was riding with the man. He also survived but required an evaluation at the hospital.

Tragically, the driver of one of the cars that were hit did not survive. The fatally injured victim was a woman, aged 59, from Rhode Island. She was found dead at the accident scene.

Two other passengers riding in the 58-year-old woman's vehicle -- men aged 62 and 28 -- survived. However, they suffered serious injuries requiring hospital treatment. A 25-year-old driver and her passenger, who were in the second vehicle that was struck, also required hospital care.

Unfortunately, there is no way to undo this horrific and fatal Massachusetts car crash. Nevertheless, the victims (and relatives of the fatally injured woman) may have claims for recovery, should they wish to pursue personal injury and/or wrongful death suits against the individual deemed responsible for causing the crash. Indeed, an in-depth analysis of the events leading up to the crash -- along with eyewitness reports and the results of police investigations -- might illuminate the evidence by which the victims could pursue claims for the financial losses engendered by the tragedy.

Source: wcvb.com, "One dead, several injured in multiple-vehicle crash in Norwood", , May 31, 2014