Police ask for community help in car accident investigation

When an automobile accident takes place in Massachusetts, a series of events quickly follow. Emergency responders are often the first to arrive at the scene, and they work to provide medical care to those injured in the car accident. Next, police arrive and begin immediately assessing the scene.

Police look for evidence that demonstrates how the crash occurred. This may include an examination of the physical elements of the scene, such as the roadway and the vehicles involved. Police also interview witnesses to the crash to get accounts of the events that led to the accident. The investigation continues even after the scene has been cleared, as toxicology samples are evaluated and additional statements are taken.

Such is the case for a recent accident in which two cars collided at an intersection in Tyngsboro. The crash led to life-threatening injuries for one and less severe injuries to four others. An occupant of one of the vehicles was trapped inside and had to be extracted by local firefighters. There is no word on the current condition or prognosis for recovery for the occupants of either vehicle.

Massachusetts police are asking the community for information concerning the accident and the driving patterns of a white Honda Civic that was involved in the car accident. They say that reports have been made concerning erratic driving in the moments prior to the collision. Should the investigation reveal that the driver of the Civic was responsible for the accident, criminal charges and eventual civil suits could result.

Source: lowellsun.com, "Five injured in 2-car crash in Tyngsboro", John Collins, July 25, 2014