Man dies and 3 injured in car accident in Massachusetts

Strong emotions can cause people to lose focus, which can be dangerous when behind the wheel of a car. One man may have been behind the wheel after becoming distraught when he was involved in a recent car accident in Massachusetts. The accident resulted in at least one person dying from injuries suffered in the collision.

The 55-year-old man had left a house party visibly distraught, according to witnesses. He then jumped into his vehicle and began driving. However, the man ended up losing control of his car, an Oldsmobile, as he turned a corner, causing the car to spin around. The Oldsmobile ended up facing north while another vehicle was traveling southbound.

The Oldsmobile crashed into the other car, a Civic, in a fatal head-on collision. The man was airlifted via helicopter to a local hospital. Unfortunately, he died in the hospital from his injuries. Three other people also suffered injuries and were transported to another hospital to receive treatment from medical professionals. There have yet to be any reports as to what exact injuries the other three surviving victims had suffered.

Although the man driving the Oldsmobile was killed in the car accident in Massachusetts, those injured in the incident may still be able to obtain some monetary reimbursement by filing a lawsuit against the decedent’s estate. This could help those injured to pay for any hospital bills incurred as a result of the incident. However, one will have to be ready to navigate through the litigation process in court.

Source: Wicked Local Holbrook, "Holbrook man injured in crash on Route 37 dies", Maria Papadopoulos, June 30, 2014