Bicyclist suffers serious injury when knocked down by large truck

People on bicycles are naturally vulnerable on Massachusetts roads. Even when a bicycle rider wears a helmet, only his or her head is protected while leaving the rest of the body exposed. When a cyclist is knocked down by a truck, it is not uncommon for a serious injury -- or worse -- to result.

A group of construction workers at Symphony Hall on Massachusetts Avenue recently witnessed a woman on a bicycle being knocked down by a large truck carrying logs. The truck driver reportedly failed to notice the cyclist when the vehicle made a wide right turn onto Massachusetts Avenue. The truck ran over the bicycle, and the woman was pulled in by the truck’s rear tire.

Bystanders reportedly rushed to assist the girl, who appeared to have severe injuries to her leg, while they waited for emergency personnel and the police to arrive. The injured victim was taken to Boston Medical Center, where she apparently underwent surgery to her leg. The driver of the truck was said to have remained at the accident scene and spoke to authorities. The police did not issue any citation at that time.

Massachusetts residents who have suffered a serious injury in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another party have the legal right to pursue a claim for recovery of damages incurred. An accident such as the one described above could bring about high medical bills, along with an extended period of absence from work. Victims may file a personal injury claim in a civil court, naming the alleged negligent driver and his or her employer as defendants. If negligence is successfully documented, the court may order the entry of a monetary judgment to compensate the victim for medical expenses, along with additional damages as allowed by state law.

Source:, "Cyclist Hit By Truck On Mass. Ave.", Steve Annear, July 8, 2014