Massachusetts teen charged in fatal automobile accident

An 18-year-old Massachusetts man was recently indicted in connection with the death of a bicyclist. Allegedly, the man struck a 58-year-old cyclist last October. Now, the young man will face charges of hit-and-run and motor vehicle homicide regarding the fatal automobile accident.

Thus far, the teenager pleaded not guilty to fleeing the accident scene in a hearing conducted last November. He will be arraigned on further charges in late January at the Brockton Superior Court. Currently, he is out of jail after posting bail of $10,000.

The man who the teen allegedly struck was riding his bicycle to the grocery store when the incident took place. According to prosecutors, the accused driver fled the accident scene to a vacation home owned by his family. Later, he supposedly explained that the damage to his vehicle had been caused by striking a deer. According to the driver's lawyer, the timeline offered by the prosecution does not appear to be accurate.

If the young man is tried and convicted of vehicular homicide in this automobile accident, proof of the conviction may serve to bolster any wrongful death claims that the victim's family pursues against him. A successful claim could help the family of the victim obtain financial relief to help with the expenses related to their relative's death, in addition to damages to personal property and compensation for pain and suffering. While it remains to be seen what the outcome of the Massachusetts criminal proceedings and any contemplated wrongful death claim will be, the family will surely continue to suffer without their loved one.

Source:, Mass. man indicted in bicyclist's death, No author, Jan. 15, 2014