Mattress flies off truck, causing fatal Massachusetts car crash

In a tragic Massachusetts accident, a woman was killed after a bed mattress flew off the top of the truck along Route 128. Just prior to the fatal car crash, the truck that was carrying the mattress was driving southbound along the highway not far from the Burlington Mall. After the mattress flew from the truck, a car braked in order to avoid it. This caused another vehicle to smash into it from behind. The truck that had been carrying the mattress reportedly did not stop following the crash.

Emergency responders came to the aid of victims at the accident scene as quickly as possible. The two cars contained one driver each. Both were transported to the hospital; however, the condition of the woman in the car which tried to avoid the mattress was exceedingly serious. Unfortunately, the 56-year-old woman succumbed to her injuries later that day.

Information regarding the incident was first released by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation at approximately 3:20 p.m. that day. After closing lanes of traffic in order to clear the accident, all lanes were reopened by about an hour later. Later in the evening., state police reported that the large dump truck, which was allegedly transporting the mattress, had yet to be located and the driver remained at large.

The fact that the driver carrying the mattress remains at large is disconcerting. Justice cannot be served for the deceased Massachusetts woman's family members until that individual is found. Family members of the woman who died may have the ability to pursue wrongful death claims against that driver as well. They will not be able to pursue such claims -- and it is not likely that they will be able to gain a sense of closure regarding the tragic car crash -- until the driver is apprehended and identified.

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