Massachusetts driver arrested for DUI after fatal car accident

State Police in Massachusetts recently arrested a driver after a motor vehicle accident. The car accident occurred on a recent Sunday. The 23-year-old driver will be formally accused of causing bodily injury while driving under the influence, in addition to negligent vehicle operation and speeding. Tragically, one of the victims of this accident was killed.

According to authorities, the 23-year-old driver who has been faulted in this incident allegedly lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a guardrail, causing the vehicle to turn upside down onto its roof. The crash was so severe that the engine of the vehicle was ejected. Police located the engine approximately 100 feet from the crash site.

A 22-year-old passenger in the car was ejected during the accident as well. Emergency responders discovered him unresponsive after they arrived. Although he was transported to the hospital, doctors were unable to save him, and he later died from his injuries. Another 24-year-old passenger was ejected from the car, but his injuries were not fatal. He is expected to survive.

The arrested driver was being held on bail of $250,000 as of the beginning of February. Considering that he is being charged with drunk driving, the injured victim of this car accident and family of the man who was killed, may choose to assess the viability of commencing personal injury or wrongful death claims, respectively. Appropriately navigated civil claims could benefit the victims. Indeed, one of the major benefits of pursuing such claims in Massachusetts is the possibility of recovering much-needed financial assistance to pay for financial losses sustained due to a serious motor vehicle accident.

Source:, UPDATE: Lawrence Man Charged Following Fatal Crash, Matt Schooley, Feb. 3, 2014