Massachusetts automobile accident sends pedestrian to hospital

Massachusetts pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers alike must be exceedingly careful to avoid being involved in a pedestrian accident. Particularly for those who are walking on sidewalks along busy roadways, the dangers are extreme. Indeed, many pedestrians have unjustly lost their lives after getting hit by an inattentive driver in an automobile accident.

Recently, a seriously injured female pedestrian was transported to the hospital after getting struck by a car. The incident happened at approximately 6:30 p.m. on a recent Thursday afternoon. Fortunately, the serious injuries she suffered were not reported to be fatal.

State police claim that the driver of the vehicle that struck the woman stayed at the accident scene in order to speak with authorities. The boulevard, where the accident took place in Boston, remained closed while a team of investigators and other officials tried to piece together what had taken place. During their investigation, authorities will attempt to determine whether the driver or the pedestrian was at fault in this case.

Not every automobile accident involving a pedestrian is deemed to be the car driver's fault. However, pedestrians do typically have the right of way in Massachusetts, especially if the pedestrian is in a crosswalk or on a sidewalk at the time of the incident. In many cases -- depending on the unique circumstances -- the driver can be held legally responsible in civil court for the damages and injuries he or she inflicted upon a pedestrian. In the instant case, the strengths and weaknesses associated with the female victim's potential personal injury claims will likely be affected by the results of the official investigation into the incident.

Source:, Woman hit by car in South Boston, No author, Feb. 20, 2014