Auto crash leads to serious injury at Massachusetts gas station

One minute, a person may be simply pumping gas, ready to finally get home after a long day of running errands. The individual likely doesn't imagine that he or she will end up being struck by another vehicle in the same parking lot in the next minute. This type of auto crash, resulting in serious injury, recently took place in Massachusetts.

In this case, the man who was pumping gas was pinned between his vehicle and a post after being hit by another car. He remained stuck in this position for 10 minutes. Firefighters finally freed him. While they were attempting to do so, the overhead fire extinguish system at the gas station dumped power onto them and their trucks.

The woman who allegedly hit him said that she was not familiar with the gas station and accidentally stepped on the accelerator rather than the brake. The man suffered critical injuries to the leg. A firefighter also was transported to the hospital after he inhaled some of the power dumped onto the station.

The driver who is believed to have caused the auto crash might face legal problems in the form of a personal injury claim. The injured man reserves the right to seek financial damages, which may help to cover medical costs and other expenses tied to the accident. If it was documented that the driver was behaving negligently behind the wheel, proof of this may be offered as evidence of a causal factor in the crash. A Massachusetts court will adjudicate monetary damage claims if liability is established by competent proof submitted to the civil court.

Source:, Man pinned at Boston gas station in car accident, No author, Feb. 9, 2014