Drunk driving car accident injures 2 children

A woman has been charged with drunk driving following a serious accident that injured three people, according to local sources. Massachusetts police apprehended the woman at the site of the car accident that injured a 38-year-old mother and her two daughters, aged 7 and 8. A court date has yet to be announced.

According to the police record of the accident, the woman and her daughters were crossing a street when the 48-year-old driver struck all three of them at once. It is unclear whether they were crossing at a designated crosswalk at the time. All three victims were rushed to a local hospital for immediate treatment.

The 7-year-old girl is in critical condition as of this report. The mother and the elder daughter are in serious condition but are expected to survive. The woman who struck them has been charged with three counts of DUI causing injury and negligent operation. If she is found guilty, she could face considerable jail time for this crime.

A drunk driving car accident is particularly tragic due to the preventable nature of such a crash. In this case, Massachusetts police will likely provide evidence of the woman's intoxicated state in a criminal court setting. Should her intoxication be proved in a court of law, the family will be able to file civil charges, including personal injury. Should the worst befall the youngest victim, a wrongful death suit would also be possible. All of these cases would be handled by a civil court and rely upon evidence from the criminal hearing.

Source: wggb.com, "7 Year-Old in Critical Condition after Pedestrian Accident", Jessica Michalski, Dec. 1, 2014