Car accident victim dies, driver now facing homicide charge

One more unnecessary pedestrian death has shocked Massachusetts residents after a 7-year-old girl succumbed to her injuries only days after she was knocked down by a car. The girl was crossing the street in the company of her cousin and her mother when a speeding car smashed into them. The driver who allegedly caused the car accident is now awaiting a new hearing to face additional charges.

The accident occurred in the early evening on a recent Monday and caused critical injuries to the little girl, including head injuries and fractures in both her legs. She managed to fight for her life for two days before passing away. Her mother suffered back and leg injuries and was still in the hospital at the time of this report, where she was informed about the death of her daughter. The 8-year-old cousin suffered head and leg injuries.

Police reported that the driver had allegedly traveled at a rate of speed that exceeded the speed limit by 12 mph. Although her blood alcohol level was not revealed, the driver was charged with negligent driving while under the influence of alcohol, causing severe injuries. The driver was arraigned on the day following the accident and released on bail. However, since the death of the girl, the driver will now return to court to face vehicular homicide charges.

After the hospitalization and subsequent death of the child, and the medical treatment the mother is receiving, the family will likely be facing exorbitant medical bills. Added to the costs of a funeral and burial, the family may now be facing financial hardship. If the alleged negligence of the driver can be proved, the family may pursue recovery of damages by filing a wrongful death claim, along with a personal injury claim related to the mother and cousin's injuries. Successful presentation in a Massachusetts civil court may lead to monetary compensation to cover these costs, along with any other damages that are related to the car accident and allowed by state laws.

Source:, "Driver involved in State Street pedestrian accident facing vehicular homicide charge following death of 7-year old girl", Patrick Johnson, Dec. 3, 2014