Passing in the emergency lane causes fatal car crash

When a loved one is lost in an automobile accident, the shock and grief that follows can be difficult for a family to weather. This may be even more true in cases in which that loss seems to have been easily preventable. Such is the case for a family mourning the loss of their loved one, after police say that a driver passing in the emergency lane caused a terrible car crash on a Massachusetts roadway.

The crash took place around 3 p.m. on a recent Thursday afternoon. Eastbound traffic in Athol along Route 2 was impacted. Upon early investigation, police believe that a 25-year old woman was attempting to pass other vehicles by using an emergency lane. There is no word on whether traffic was moving or at a standstill at the time of the incident.

Four vehicles were involved in the crash. Police believe that the driver in the emergency lane struck two other vehicles; one of those cars then entered the lanes of oncoming traffic. A tractor-trailer was unable to avoid colliding with that car. As a result, the 868-year-old woman riding as a passenger in the vehicle was killed. The 67-year-old male driver sustained serious injuries, and was transported to an area hospital.

The fatal car crash remains under investigation. Should Massachusetts police determine that the cause of the crash was an attempt to use the emergency lane as a passing lane, criminal charges could result. In addition, the driver who caused this terrible outcome could also face a wrongful death suit from the family of the woman killed on what should have been a normal weekday afternoon drive.

Source:, "Woman dead after head-on crash on Route 2 in Athol", , Aug. 15, 2014

Source:, "Woman dead after head-on crash on Route 2 in Athol", , Aug. 15, 2014