Car accident kills Massachusetts college student

When a young person is lost, the impact is often felt not only by his or her family, but creates ripples throughout the larger community. This is especially true in cases in which a death appears to be avoidable and when it is difficult to understand how things can go so badly wrong in the course of what is an otherwise normal day. Such is the case for those in Massachusetts who are aware of the fatal car accident that took the life of a young woman preparing to begin her senior year at the University of Massachusetts.

Upon early investigation, police believe that the young woman was walking along North East Street in Amherst with a friend when a vehicle approached from the rear. That vehicle, a Toyota Rav-4, was driven by a 63-year-old woman. The vehicle struck the student at approximately 11 p.m. After the impact, the driver stopped immediately and called for emergency assistance. She remained on the scene and cooperated with police who arrived shortly after the incident.

The young woman sustained serious injuries as a result of the force of the impact. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. She was 20 years of age, and would have entered her senior year as an engineering major at the University.

As the police continue to investigate this fatal car accident, the young woman’s family will prepare to say their goodbyes to their loved one. The months ahead will be unspeakably difficult for them, perhaps all the more so because of their recent pride and excitement for the bright future that this student had worked so hard to achieve. When the time comes to consider such matters, they may decide to pursue a wrongful death suit against the driver who struck and killed their family member. That decision will likely be based on the conclusions made by the Massachusetts authorities who are looking into the incident.

Source:, "University of Massachusetts student killed in Amherst crash Thursday night", Scott Merzbach, Aug. 1, 2014