Woman faces DUI manslaughter charge after car accident death

A Massachusetts woman has been arrested and charged in the death of a 7-year-old pedestrian. Allegedly, the woman was driving under the influence of alcohol last November, when her vehicle was involved in a car accident with a parked car and the young pedestrian. The collision caused her car to fly over a curb, crash into a fire hydrant and hit the little girl.

The allegedly drunk driver was taken into custody on a recent Tuesday. The deceased girl's mother was present in court during the arraignment. She was witnessed weeping in the gallery of the courtroom. Following her arraignment, the woman was being held on cash bail of $150,000.

It appears that these vehicular manslaughter charges are not the only ones faced by the woman who was charged in this crash. In fact, she was indicted in Superior Court last month on vehicular manslaughter charges relating to drunk driving. She was also charged with fleeing an accident scene.

When a Massachusetts resident loses a loved one to a fatal car accident, the intense emotions can be extremely difficult to deal with. Even worse, the pain felt by a mother who loses her 7-year-old daughter in a DUI accident is unimaginable. While there is no way to bring this girl back, her mother may be able to seek justice and restitution by holding the woman accountable in civil court. If successful, the act of pursuing such a wrongful death action may help family members gain a sense of closure regarding the accident. They may also be able to recoup money to pay for end-of-life expenses, memorial services and other damages.

Source: boston.com, "Alleged drunk driver in crash that killed 7-year-old in Dorchester held on $150,000 bail", John R. Ellement, April 8, 2014