2 Massachusetts workmen fatally injured on the job

Workplace safety investigators are currently looking into an accident that resulted in the death of two Massachusetts men. The men had been performing their job duties on behalf of a utility company when they were fatally injured on the job. The men were in an aerial lift, which had been attached to their truck, when the entire assembly toppled over. The weight of the lift caused the truck to flip up and over onto its backend.

According to a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Labor, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) can take as long as six months to finish its investigation under the law. He also claimed that most investigations do not take the full six months, but cases that involve fatalities may take several weeks or several months before they are finished.

Both men were killed instantly after their lift, along with the basket they were standing in, collided with the ground. They were both 34 years of age. OSHA says that it is trying to collect information to determine whether their deaths were caused by any kind of workplace safety violations on behalf of their employer.

Regardless of how these Massachusetts men were fatally injured on the job, their families may be eligible to pursue workers' compensation benefits. Not only can families seek benefits to pay for end-of-life expenses for the family members they have lost, but they can also seek compensation to cover the family income they have lost. In this sense, workers' compensation benefits can function as a lifeline of support during such a sad and emotionally difficult time.

Source: capecodonline.com, "OSHA probe of death of two utility workers may take months", Patrick Cassidy, April 14, 2014