2 injuries and 1 death in Massachusetts car crash

One injury and one death have been reported in a Massachusetts car crash. According to authorities, the car crash happened at approximately 5:45 p.m. in Hanover, and it involved four different vehicles. The tragedy will impact the parties involved for the rest of their lives, especially the family of the victim who died.

The two injuries and the death happened to individuals in two of the vehicles involved in the collision. Two other vehicles were also hit just prior to the more serious crash. Fortunately, however, the passengers in those vehicles were reportedly unharmed.

A man who was driving a full-sized sedan was involved in the subsequent collision. That driver was found dead at the accident scene. The other victims were a female driver and a female passenger in a Chevy Suburban. They were transported to the hospital to receive treatment for serious injuries. No reports have been issued regarding the results of police investigations as to the cause of the incident.

The specific details of the Massachusetts car crash are unknown, making it difficult to speculate about which party or parties may have been at fault. The police are undoubtedly continuing to investigate, and the family of the deceased man will surely seek answers to their questions. Depending upon what an accident investigation discloses, family members of the man who died and/or the women who suffered serious injuries may have viable claims for financial damages. The decision making process about whether to initiate a wrongful death or personal injury action is a personal one, but in many situations it is also a monetary one. Medical costs and funeral expenses can be astronomical, and our civil courts are available to adjudicate claims for relief based upon evidence that the negligence of another parties contributed to or caused the tragic accident.

Source: Boston Herald, "1 dead, 2 hurt in multi-vehicle crash in Hanover", , April 1, 2014