Massachusetts car crash kills 13-year-old cyclist

Police are deliberating over how to charge a 16-year-old girl who killed a 13-year-old bike-rider with her car. The accident occurred while the boy was riding his bicycle along a busy road at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 18. The car crash occurred not very far from the middle school where the boy was a student.

A district attorney spokeswoman said that the investigation of this Hopkinton, Massachusetts accident continues. The spokeswoman declined to state whether authorities suspect that the girl was using her cell phone, texting or distracted for another reason during the accident, nor have police indicated whether the young woman is to be charged with violating traffic laws. Her name is still being kept confidential.

A neighbor of the victim stated that she believed the boy lived just across the street from the site of the crash. She described him as a young, polite boy. A man who answered the telephone at boy's house stated that the family was currently mourning his loss and they did not have any comments to make regarding the crash.

The sudden loss of a son to a tragic Massachusetts car crash can cripple the emotional state of the family who survives him. In such cases, when a family member is killed due to the fault of another driver, his or her relatives can pursue legal action, in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit, against the person who is faulted in the accident. A successful wrongful death lawsuit will provide surviving relatives with compensation for the loss of their loved one in addition to compensation to cover any outstanding medical costs and end of life expenses.

Source: Boston Herald, Officials mull charges vs. teen driver in boy's death, Antonio Planas, Sept. 19, 2013