Policeman kills 2 in Massachusetts car crash; was he drunk?

During the weekend of Sept. 21, a Massachusetts police officer was involved in a car crash that ended in the death of a mother and her daughter. The victims, aged 65 and 25, died as a result of injuries sustained in the head-on collision. The police officer, who is a member of the Massachusetts State Police, suffered non-fatal injuries in the car crash.

The police officer was not on duty at the time of the accident, which investigators initially blamed on the mother, who they have accused of crossing the centerline. However, police are now investigating the officer's part in the accident. Allegedly, the police officer was extremely drunk at the time of the car crash. A source has indicated that the officer's blood alcohol level was 0.26, which is triple the legal limit.

The police officer will face multiple charges in this accident. In addition to drunk driving, he will face charges related to driving to endanger and carrying a firearm when intoxicated. He may be charged with further crimes as the investigation continues. A family member of the two women who died in the car crash has made the statement that he has hired a lawyer.

When a car crash is caused by a negligent and reckless driver who chooses to endanger his or her fellow citizens by driving drunk on Massachusetts roadways, victims of the accident can seek justice. By filing a personal injury/wrongful death claim against an allegedly drunk driver who caused the death of one's family member, Massachusetts residents seek monetary compensation to help pay for end of life expenses and for additional damages recognized under our statutes. A successfully litigated negligence claim can help family members achieve a sense of justice and closure following the tragic loss of their loved ones.

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