Massachusetts family seriously injured in a car accident

A Massachusetts family was tragically injured after getting struck by a car. A 36-year-old father, his 16-month-old son and his wife were hit by an automobile while they were walking. According to police, the car accident took place after a 17-year-old driver swerving out of the way of a taxi.

The father said that the car accident happened extremely fast and he was thankful that no one had been killed. He said the first thing he heard after the accident was his wife speaking, which comforted him, but both of them were asking about their baby. Witnesses who came running to help in the Massachusetts crash told them that their baby was okay. The father is calling it a miracle.

Still, both the mother and the father suffered very serious injuries. The father fractured his back and his leg. The mother was taken to the ICU to be treated for a pelvic injury and head trauma. The 17-year-old driver was cited by police in the accident, but has yet to be charged in the accident.

Massachusetts pedestrians who are seriously injured in a car accident but survive to live the rest of their lives are surely thankful that they did not suffer life-threatening injuries. If the accident occurred due to the fault of the driver whose vehicle hit them, they can seek monetary compensation by filing a personal injury against that driver. A successfully navigated personal injury claim can assist victims in obtaining money to help cover medical bills and other damages caused by the car accident.

Source:, Boston Family Recovering After South End Crash, Paul Burton, Oct. 7, 2013