Auto crash claims the life of 87-year-old Massachusetts man

An unfortunate traffic accident has resulted in the death of an 87-year-old man. The incident occurred on Thursday, Oct. 17, after an 18-year-old driver allegedly failed to stop her vehicle where a stop sign was present. The elderly man died at the scene of the auto crash.

The incident, which occurred in Webster, Massachusetts, at approximately 6:30 p.m. in the evening, likely could have been avoided had the young driver fulfilled her obligation to stop before passing through the stop sign. Police charged the woman for her failure to stop, and they also charged her for negligent driving. More seriously, the young woman will face charges of vehicular homicide.

The woman who is being charged in this accident was taken to the hospital following the incident. She was released later that night. In a press release issued by the young woman's alma mater last January, she was the seventh girl in the history of the school to achieve 1,000 points for her varsity basketball team.

This Massachusetts auto crash is clearly a tragedy for all parties involved. The family of the 87-year-old man killed in this accident will have the ability to pursue monetary damages against the woman, through a wrongful death claim. Considering that she has been charged in this accident with vehicular homicide, a wrongful death claim filed against her will likely be strengthened. A successfully litigated claim would assist relatives of the man in dealing with his sudden death. It would enable them to receive reimbursement to help them get through the financial and emotional aspects of his loss.

Source:, One dead in Webster crash; driver, 18, cited, Brian Lee, Oct. 18, 2013