63-year-old Massachusetts woman killed in car crash

Prosecutors claim that a Massachusetts high school student fatally struck a woman with his car and then fled the scene of the accident. Although multiple passersby rushed to the 63-year-old woman's aid after the car crash, she later died of her injuries at the hospital. The young man's defense council has pleaded not guilty to the hit-and-run charge.

According to the Norfolk, Massachusetts Assistant District Attorney, the teenager was driving with his friend, when he allegedly hit the pedestrian. The Assistant District Attorney further alleged that the man's friend asked him to stop his vehicle at the accident scene, but he kept driving. Prosecuting attorneys have taken the position that the man tried to escape apprehension.

However, defense counsel for the man alleges that he did not flee the scene, but remained within close range of the crash site and hurried back to speak with police. Police concur that he came back and identified himself as the person who was driving the car in the accident. The man's attorney also states that his client was in panic mode and inconsolable when he learned the pedestrian had been killed.

Witnesses have stated that the pedestrian who died was boldly trying to cross the road with a flashlight before the car crash occurred. Pedestrians have the right-of-way in the state of Massachusetts; however, the details of this incident will need to be examined carefully before a determination of liability can be made. For example, it has not been indicated whether the young man's headlights were turned on when the accident occurred, and other important factors must be investigated to evaluate the strength and viability of any potential wrongful death action related to the crash.

Source: Boston.com, Canton woman, 63, struck and killed in hit-and-run car crash, Jasper Craven and Peter Schworm, Nov. 8, 2013