Mother killed, children injured in an accident on Mass Pike ramp

Too many Massachusetts residents are injured or lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents each year. It can seem even more tragic when more than one family member is killed or injured in an accident on Massachusetts roads. One recent multi-vehicle accident on a ramp of the Mass Pike injured two children and sadly claimed the life of their mother. Police had not released any identifying details of the children or their mother, likely pending notification of family members.

The fatal collision took place early one afternoon in late May. Three vehicles were involved in the accident, although initial reports did not release many details about the vehicles or how the accident may have occurred. Authorities did reveal that the woman who died was traveling in the same vehicle as the two others injured in the collision, and that the woman was the mother of the children.

Emergency workers transported the children to Beth Israel Hospital so they could receive further treatment for their injuries. Fortunately, none of those wounds were considered life-threatening. Sadly, however, these children will now be left to deal with their emotional trauma from both enduring the accident and having lost their mother.

Massachusetts personal injury law sometimes provides those who are injured in an accident like this one the chance to file a claim against a responsible driver. This can help them gain financial restitution for any medical or even psychiatric care that may be required to help them deal with their injuries after a serious car accident. Further, surviving relatives can also file wrongful death lawsuits in some circumstances after a family member is fatally injured in such an accident. Succeeding in a suit like this often requires a clear understanding of the law and the ability to form a strong legal argument to support a wrongful death claim.

Source:, "Deadly Accident closes portion of Mass Pike," May 25, 2013