Massachusetts car accident may have employment ramifications

Accidents can happen at unfortunate times. Accidents of any kind tied to social occasions may have additional complications when a personal injury claim is involved. When people who know each other socially or through work are involved in a car accident or other incident, an impartial perspective may help the injured people navigate through Massachusetts personal injury laws and applicable procedures.

During Saint Patrick's Day festivities, there was a social event at a bar in Massachusetts. Some employees were there mixing with their employer. The employer is said to have failed to pay his tab before he left. One of his employees followed him out to the lot to bring his error to his attention.

The employee approached his boss near the employer's car. When the employee confronted the employer, the employer hit him with the car. The 38-year-old man was left in the parking lot with serious injuries while his boss drove away. Prosecutors say the driver was drunk, based on tests performed by the police. Shortly after the accident, he pleaded not guilty to drunk driving.

The employer/employee relationship adds complications to an already difficult situation. There is no indication this was a Massachusetts work event, so any claims related to the car accident are likely to be personal injury claims. When a business relationship may be affected by a case with legal ramifications, professional assistance may benefit the situation. People who are injured in circumstances that may affect their livelihood can benefit from having some neutral input into how to handle the situation. Our state laws provide for the right of those injured by the negligent or reckless conduct of another to pursue personal injury claims seeking reimbursement of financial damages suffered.

Source:, "Man allegedly bails on bar tab, runs over employee," Steve Cooper, March 18, 2013