Emotions run high due to fatal car accident

Recently, the small town of Middleboro, Massachusetts has been shaken by a tragic car accident involving a young suspected drunk driver and a well-known community leader. This car accident occurred when the driver of a Saab ran a red light on Route 44 in Middleboro and hit a Mercury sedan. The driver of the Saab was arrested on charges of drunk driving.

The man that was killed in the car accident was a community leader and a school teacher. His sons claim that their father believed in the legal system and that the bail amount was fair, set at $50,000.00 by the judge. This didn't stop an outpouring of emotion at the arraignment of the young driver. The three sons of the decedent stood and linked arms and were asked by courtroom law enforcement officers to be seated.

The driver is charged with drunk driving, and because the car accident resulted in a death, he faces homicide charges as well. Emotions have run high on both sides of the courtroom, and the small community of Middleboro has been seemingly divided by this unfortunate event. The Wareham District Court judge presiding over the case will continue proceedings in April.

The arraigned driver reportedly smoked marijuana at some point in the day before the car accident. Authorities believe that multiple factors inhibited his ability to drive when he got behind the wheel of his mother's car. According to reports, he was driving around 70 mph at the time of impact.

Readers in Massachusetts might be in interested to know that many people in this town took to social media outlets to vent their anger over the car accident. When dealing with a tragedy that has legal repercussions, such as this wrongful death, researching available legal options may help bring closure to the situation. While it might be difficult to control emotions in difficult times, having an experienced team of professionals to handle the legal proceedings can make those difficult times more manageable.

Source: Wicked Local Stoughton, "Emotions run high at arraignment of suspect in fatal Middleboro crash," Alice Elwell, March 14, 2013