Massachusetts auto crash seriously injures bicyclist

Bicyclists often face greater danger on Massachusetts streets than drivers due to the fact that they aren't protected by enclosed vehicles like those with whom they share the roads. One recent auto crash resulted in serious injuries being dealt to a 52-year-old man who was biking on Main Street in Southborough. He was headed east along that roadway on a recent Saturday afternoon just before the collision occurred.

A 2007 Pontiac was traveling in the same vicinity and attempted to turn left onto Middle Road where it intersects with Main Street. The sedan struck the man's bicycle, throwing the man up and onto the car's windshield before then flinging him onto the ground. Fortunately, the bicyclist did have a helmet on at the time of the collision. That could have lessened the injuries that he sustained in the crash.

Unfortunately, however, the accident did cause serious injuries to the man's upper body. He was ultimately transported to UMass Memorial Hospital, where he remained for at least several days, if not longer. Authorities are said to be investigating the contributing factors into the accident, although they do not seem to suspect that intoxication played a role. They have not yet indicated whether any citations or charges will be filed against the 25-year-old driver of the Pontiac.

An auto crash like this can cause serious injuries to bicyclists who do not enjoy the greater protection of being inside an enclosed vehicle. This is one reason that Massachusetts personal injury law provides the opportunity for those who are injured due to the apparent negligence of others to file a civil lawsuit request financial restitution. Succeeding in such lawsuits requires the presentation of evidence that another person's negligence caused or contributed to the accident leading to the plaintiff's injuries.

Source: The MetroWest Daily News, "Police investigating crash that seriously injured cyclist," June 4, 2013