Construction accidents: man seriously burned in freakish incident

Construction accidents can be harrowing for workers who are simply performing their normal job duties, especially in cases where serious injuries are the result. These construction accidents can sometimes leave injured workers and their families wondering how they will cover their medical and living expenses while an employee is unable to work. Fortunately, however, Massachusetts law often requires employers to carry workers' compensation insurance in order to provide for those who suffer on-the-job injuries.

One recent construction accident at a Massachusetts mall which was described as freakish in nature resulted in significant burn injuries to a worker. The man was busy working at a construction site in Swansea when a generator he was working with suddenly sent gasoline spraying onto him. The backfire of the generator led to the worker's hair and then shirt igniting, causing serious burns to spread along the man's upper body.

Fortunately, those wounds were not life-threatening, but the man did require transportation via helicopter to receive medical treatment. There was no word on just how long the man could require hospitalization or be unable to work. However, burn injuries often number among the most severe and debilitating that a worker can suffer.

Construction accidents that lead to this type of serious burn injury can unfortunately cause undue hardship on injured workers and the families who depend upon them for financial support. This is one reason that Massachusetts workers' compensation laws were enacted. Workers who have suffered injuries while on the job may be able to file claims for workers' compensation benefits, something that can provide them a greater peace of mind until such time as they can resume their normal duties.

Source:, "Worker Burned in Swansea Mall Accident," Chris Raia, June 18, 2013