Massachusetts truck accident causes catastrophic injuries, death

Each time drivers take to the streets and highways in Massachusetts, they owe a duty of reasonable care toward others traveling alongside them. This is especially true if a driver has any legal restrictions placed upon their driving privileges. Recently, a truck driver who was supposed to drive with an interlock device at all times failed to do so and fatally struck a man on a motorcycle. The motorcyclist suffered catastrophic injuries in the collision after being trapped beneath the truck.

The 27-year-old man who allegedly caused the accident was required under Massachusetts law to drive with an interlock device. This type of device acts as a breathalyzer test that will not allow a vehicle to start if the driver tests positive for being intoxicated. These are typically required when a driver has a pattern of drunk driving. In this specific case, however, the fuel truck that the man was driving at the time did not have such a device installed.

The fatal accident happened when the victim was traveling eastbound on his motorcycle and the truck was coming in the opposite direction. Other specific details were not available in an immediate report. However, the 57-year-old man riding the motorcycle did perish after the collision which pinned him beneath the fuel truck.

His catastrophic injuries which proved fatal may now leave his family struggling with both grief and the need to cover unexpected funeral and other expenses related to his death. This is one reason that Massachusetts law allows family members to file wrongful death lawsuits after a fatal truck accident like this one. It can help alleviate much of the financial strain that can come from someone unexpectedly dying in a truck accident.

Source:, "Truck driver charged after West Bridgewater crash kills Easton motorcyclist," Erin Shannon and Jennifer Bray, June 23, 2013