Man claims medical issue caused Massachusetts car accident

Despite many individual's best efforts to drive safely, a sudden medical condition suffered by a driver of a motor vehicle, can put numerous people at risk. In a recent case, a Massachusetts man claims that he suffered a medical condition, which caused his car to cross over the center line. As a result of the man's vehicle crossing the center line, a four car accident transpired, sending several individuals to the hospital.

The man has claimed that he was driving home from work during the evening hours when he began to feel light headed. The next thing the man claims to have remembered is waking up with his car on the side of the road. He was taken to an area hospital to be treated for injuries and was later released.

Meanwhile, three other individuals were hurt as a result of the crash. It is unclear what degree of injuries they suffered. However, hospital officials have stated that they have all been released from the hospital at this time.

Although the man may have a legitimate excuse for causing this car accident, this does not free him from civil liability. Several other motorists were injured as a result of this accident by no fault of their own, which result in their suffering significant hardship. Due to this hardship, the victims to this accident may be able to file a civil suit in a Massachusetts court in order to seek reimbursement for the damages they have sustained due to this unfortunate event.

Source:, "Mass. DA: medical problem caused crash," July 18, 2013