Alcohol to blame for a Massachusetts car accident

A New Year's Eve car crash recently resulted in serious criminal charges against one Massachusetts man. He faces multiple charges in the fatal car accident, including vehicular homicide. A passenger was killed in the accident; police believe that drunk driving led to the two-vehicle crash. Open containers of alcohol were allegedly found within the car following the accident, although it has not been reported exactly what type of alcohol was discovered.

The crash took place just before midnight on a late December evening, when the driver of a Lincoln Town Car hit another vehicle head-on. His passenger, a 41-year old woman, was freed from the vehicle by rescue workers. However, she later died from injuries sustained in the crash. The driver who allegedly caused the accident also suffered serious injury, and remains hospitalized at a Boston medical center. A second passenger in his vehicle was treated for less serious injuries.

The man was arraigned on several serious charges while still hospitalized. In addition to the charge of vehicular homicide, he is also charged with two counts of drunk driving resulting in bodily injury. Other charges include having an open container of alcohol in the vehicle as well as failure to wear a seat belt.

When New Year's comes around, police often note a rise in drunk driving accidents. However, the Massachusetts police are taking a zero tolerance stance against drunk drivers, as this case demonstrates. For victims who find themselves injured due to a driver's decision to drink before getting behind the wheel, a personal injury suit can help them recover damages associated with their injuries. In this case, the family of the woman who lost her life in this fatal car accident retains the right to pursue a wrongful death suit against the responsible party.

Source: New Hampshire Union Leader, "Man charged after East Hampstead woman dies in New Year's Eve crash," Jason Schreiber, Jan. 3, 2013