Massachusetts woman finds healing after being injured on the job

A Massachusetts waitress has been able to receive help and rehabilitation recently from a Wareham recovery center. Like so many others, she was injured on the job while going about her normal work duties. The woman suffered from a tear in her shoulder as she was removing a rack of cups from a shelf. She underwent tremendous pain and lost her range of motion.

The physical therapy that the woman initially received did not help her shoulder injury. Finally, she found a rehabilitation center that specializes in helping people so that they can return to work as soon as possible. The center helps those who have sports or work-related injuries and other disorders. Patients are pushed hard to achieve the absolute best possible recovery, though some of them may never return to full capacity.

Each patient is given an individualized therapy program that suits their needs and their specific injury. An aquatic program is available to those who may benefit from that type of rehabilitation. The injured waitress uses their up-to-date exercise equipment to recover from the surgery that she required after the SLAP tear in her shoulder made it impossible for her to work.

Many people do not realize that a simple task at work can result in a serious personal injury. Being injured on the job can change lives and render someone unemployed either temporarily or permanently. Finding the right doctors and physical therapists is essential, but the costs can mount over time for these types of treatments. Those who have been injured on the job in Massachusetts may benefit from examining their options for workers' compensation benefits in order to help offset the expenses resulting from their injury.

Source: Wareham VillageSoup, "Southcoast Rehab celebrates 10 years on Recovery Road," Jaime Rebhan, Jan. 23, 2013