Massachusetts victims injured in single-vehicle car accident

Most vehicular accidents involve multiple cars and possibly multiple people with legal responsibility. When there is only one driver involved in a car accident where more than one person has been injured, liability issues may be less complicated for investigators to ascertain. With that said, however, Massachusetts residents who are informed about the claims process may be better able to manage their expectations as a personal injury lawsuit proceeds.

A car accident in late February had four victims with significant injuries, including the driver. A Jetta ran into the side of a house in a suburban neighborhood in Massachusetts. No one in the house was injured, but the house suffered significant damage. The car could not be removed from the house immediately after the collision because the accident compromised the home's structure and the car was helping to hold the house up.

There were four people inside the car during the accident, including the driver. All four suffered injuries in the crash serious enough to cause them to be taken to a nearby hospital. The Jaws of Life had to be used to remove several of them from the car. Investigators said that all were lucky to be alive due to the severity of the accident, although details as to why the accident occurred were not immediately available.

The financial losses associated with this type of serious collision are often considerable. Three victims besides the driver were hurt and are likely to be left with significant medical bills. In Massachusetts car accident cases like this one, it may be easier for liability to be determined in instances where a single driver was involved, but having a clear picture of the overall claims process can help victims understand what to expect as their cases proceed through a civil court.

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