Massachusetts bus accident causes major injury

Thirty-five people were injured recently in a Boston, Massachusetts bus accident. The bus, which was traveling back to Pennsylvania, smashed into an overpass. The accident caused major injury, leaving one teenager in critical condition and sending several other passengers to the hospital. At this time, police are still investigating the bus accident and have not filed any charges against the driver.

It has been reported that the bus driver looked down at his GPS right before the accident occurred. When he looked up, the overpass was too close to be avoided. The driver was not injured in the crash. The passengers who were injured are all high school students and chaperones from a group called Destined for a Dream. They were coming home from a tour of the Harvard University campus.

The injured passengers were trapped inside the vehicle for over an hour as emergency workers attempted to reach them. Boston police have not released the names of the injured victims. The overpass received only superficial damage and has already been reopened for use. The city has no plans to raise the height of the overpass, stating that many warning signs are in place for the overpass height restrictions. Authorities state that the bus should not have been on the roadway where the crash occurred.

It is quite possible that the bus driver may face charges at a later time for his involvement in the accident. In the meantime, the recovery process is slowly beginning for these hopeful young people and their chaperones who sustained major injury on a trip that was slated to be inspirational and enlightening for them. Should they choose to do so, the injured parties can try to obtain damages under the personal injury laws of Massachusetts as they heal and attempt to move forward from this unfortunate accident.

Source: The Associated Press, "Police: No decision on charges in Boston bus crash," Feb. 4, 2013