Personal injury suits may stem from Massachusetts pileup

Several Thanksgiving weekend travelers were left stranded miles away from home when a multiple car and tractor-trailer accident occurred in Massachusetts. The early morning crash left dozens injured and at least two with serious injuries. Charges have yet to be filed as officers continue the difficult task of investigating the massive pileup, but some victims may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

The accident, which involved more than 60 cars and three tractor-trailers, occurred on Interstate 290 westbound in Worcester. Black ice began to form around 6:30 a.m., causing drivers to lose control while traveling a declining section of the highway. As state troopers responded to the first accident, a chain reaction of crashes began. When the collisions finally ended, the accident scene was 1,500 feet long.

Public safety personnel responding to the scene had to climb over a mangled mass of vehicles and under trucks to assist the victims. It is reported that some cars were wedged underneath tractor-trailers with cars piled on top of them. Inclement weather appears to be one of the factors in the crash, but investigators have yet to comment on whether driver negligence, defective equipment or overloaded trucks may have played a part in the magnitude of the accident.

While the drivers injured are likely thankful the outcome was not much worse, they may still be left with a large financial burden. In Massachusetts, if any party involved in an accident is found to be negligent, those injured as a result may elect to file a personal injury lawsuit. Monetary compensation received from a successful personal injury claim can assist victims with medical expenses as well as other financial damages stemming from an accident.

Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Dozens injured, two seriously, in I-290 pileup in Worcester, Scott J. Croteau, Dec. 1, 2013