Avoid a Massachusetts automobile accident by not driving drunk

Last year, 830 individuals in the United States were killed in drunk driving-related motor vehicle accidents during the holiday season. This year, Massachusetts residents have the chance to do their part in reducing those figures. In fact, many an automobile accident can be avoided simply by refraining from drinking. Knowing this, do Massachusetts drivers have any excuse not to avoid alcohol abuse on New Year's Eve?

Clearly, there is never an excuse for drunk driving. Indeed, numerous solutions are available to drivers in order to keep them from driving while inebriated. For example, there is the traditional approach of designating a sober driver to take everyone home when the evening is through. There are also technological approaches, such as a personal and portable breath testing device, which can attach to an iPhone. There are also designated driving services, which will tow one's car home and get people home safely after a party where heavy drinking was involved.

If the solutions available are not enough to motivate drivers to act responsibly, perhaps the cold, hard facts relating to drunk driving fatalities will be enough to sway drivers. Over the last 10 years, 37 percent of deadly car accidents occurring around Christmas day were caused by drinking. Meanwhile, 41 percent of deadly car accidents around New Year's were caused by drunk drivers. In comparison, year-long averages are much lower, with 31 percent of automobile accident deaths being attributed to drunkenness overall.

Massachusetts drivers should also be warned that an army of personal injury attorneys are waiting to represent anyone who has been wrongly injured in an accident caused by a drunk and irresponsible motor vehicle operator. More poignantly, in accidents that cause catastrophic injury or death, a drunk driver will likely be forced to spend time behind bars and be held liable for any and all personal injury and property damage he or she caused. The benefits of driving sober on New Year's Eve cannot be stressed enough. It is hoped that all Massachusetts residents drive carefully to avoid being in an automobile accident this New Year's Eve.

Source: detroitnews.com, Taking a breath may spare a DUI, Melissa Preddy, Dec. 26, 2013