Massachusetts motorcyclist is injured in an accident and killed

When a tragic accident results in death it is never easy to hear about. On July 29, a man was injured in an accident and killed after his motorcycle was involved in a tragic incident with a taxi. The man was riding a motorcycle, heading in a westerly direction on Park Street in Lawrence, Massachusetts. A taxicab was heading south on Bennington Street. Although a stop sign was present for southbound drivers, the taxi and the motorcycle collided when the taxi entered Park Street.

The accident occurred a little before 7 p.m. The driver of the motorcycle was ejected from his bike, which caused him to strike the front of the taxi. Unfortunately, not long after 9 p.m., Massachusetts General Hospital contacted law enforcement officials and notified them the motorcyclist had passed away. Due to the catastrophic nature of the injuries suffered by the man, law enforcement officers requested the involvement of a special team to reconstruct the accident.

Police were finding it difficult to positively identify the man. Therefore, they had not yet reached out to family members to notify them of the death. Also, police had yet to press charges against the taxi driver, pending the results of their investigation. Should the taxi driver be faulted in this accident, he or she could be held liable for the death of the man.

Relatives of those who die after being injured in an accident can investigate their ability to file a wrongful death personal injury claim. A wrongful death claim can help Massachusetts families get closure by holding those responsible for an accident accountable for their wrongdoing and/or negligence. Compensation received can be immeasurably beneficial, not just for coping with pain and suffering, but for paying any medical bills and end of life expenses resulting from the accident.

Source: Eagle-Tribune, "Biker killed in crash," Mark E. Vogler, Aug. 1, 2013