Massachusetts police officer loses daughter in truck accident

The daughter of a Massachusetts police officer was killed after an accident involving a diesel fuel truck. The car vs. truck accident is still being investigated by police. It is still unknown at this time just what happened that night.

What is known is that the two vehicles, the daughter's car and the fuel truck, were heading in opposite directions at the time of the accident. The collision sent the daughter to the hospital with injuries whose nature has not been revealed. After medical personnel did what they could for her at the first hospital, the woman was then transferred to another hospital. It was there that she died.

No other details regarding the accident were released in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy. It is unknown whether the driver of the diesel fuel truck was injured, and if so, what those injuries were. It may also be too soon to speculate as to what charges, if any, may be filed in connection with the crash.

As authorities attempt to piece together how this tragic truck accident occurred, the family of this young girl is now left to grieve the loss and bury her prematurely. Even though it won't bring her back, the family does have the right to file a wrongful death claim against the driver of the fuel truck and his employer under Massachusetts law. If they are able to show that the driver negligently caused or contributed to the death of this woman, the court may award her family the costs and damages sustained as a result of her death. In addition to any monetary recovery, the family may also be able to achieve a sense of peace that they obtained at least some justice for their loved one.

Source:, "Daughter of Easton police officer dies in car crash," Zachary T. Sampson, March 22, 2013