Construction accidents: Massachusetts worker fatally crushed

Tragically, a Massachusetts construction worker recently lost his life while working to install a natural gas pipeline extending an existing line in another state. Construction accidents like this one can cut short one individual's life while at the same time sentencing many others to grief and financial suffering. This is one reason that Massachusetts workers' compensation law provides surviving family members the ability to file for death benefits in certain cases.

The fatal accident occurred while construction workers were busy unloading a 40-foot pipe that weighed a staggering 1,700 pounds from a tractor-trailer. Initial reports indicate that the pipe took a sudden wild shift and caused one of the hooks linking it to steel cables to uncouple. At that point, the pipe plummeted and fell on top of the 24-year-old worker, who worked for a Massachusetts construction company assisting with the project. He was pinned to the ground and suffered serious injuries which ultimately proved fatal.

While emergency personnel arrived at the scene and transported him via ambulance to a nearby hospital, the man did not survive his injuries. Medical workers pronounced him dead just over a half-hour after taking him to the hospital. Now, the New York state agency which has oversight over utilities companies is investigating the fatal incident, along with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Whatever results that the state agency and OSHA find, Massachusetts workers' compensation laws will likely allow the man's family members to seek death benefits since he was employed by a construction company in our state. This can help the man's relatives cover any final medical expenses or pay for his funeral. Additionally, it could help them to recoup any lost income that may be caused by his unexpected death. Construction accidents may leave emotional scars that last a lifetime, but workers' compensation can help alleviate some of the financial strain in such a situation.