Details elusive in 2 car accident at Massachusetts intersection

Details surrounding a two car accident can, at the onset of the investigation, be difficult to decipher. Many times these accidents require an investigation into the facts surrounding the collision in order for Massachusetts officials to get to the bottom of who may be potentially at fault and whether any laws were broken. If criminal proceedings are involved, any conviction ultimately secured may impact related personal injury claims in civil court for the recovery of damages arising from a car accident.

In a recent case, it appears that police have discovered some evidence that may lead to their reaching a final conclusion on who was at fault for a two car accident. The car accident occurred when two cars struck each other near an intersection. Preliminary information has disclosed that one of the vehicles was traveling south when a collision occurred in the northbound lane.

As a result of the crash, three individuals have been sent to an area hospital. All the individuals involved are expected to recover from their injuries. It remains unclear at this time whether police intend to file criminal charges, though officials have stated their investigation remains open at this time.

It appears based on the evidence disclosed thus far, that this accident was the result of one individual's failure to stay in their own lane, a common factor in the cause of a car accident, which Massachusetts police officers disclose in their final report. If this cause is in fact confirmed, the victims to this accident may be able to use this finding in support of any claim for restitution. Personal injury claims seeking monetary damages are well founded when the victim is able to prove their serious injuries were sustained due to the negligence of another.

Source: The Patriot, "Two car collision on Dresser Hill Road," Sept. 17, 2012