Cause remains uncertain in Massachusetts 18-wheeler crash

It is an accident scene that many police officers come upon; an accident that involves several vehicles where there is no immediate clear cut answer as to what the ultimate cause of the accident was. Although it may take time to sort out the details, there may be eyewitness accounts and physical evidence at the scene that can assist in making a determination.

In one recent 18-wheeler crash, Massachusetts police may need this evidence and more to bring their investigation to a conclusion.

Police received a report of an accident at around 9:30 a.m. on this Monday. When they arrived thney found that a tractor-trailer and two cars had been involved in a collision. Rescue officials responded and extracted one occupant from one crumpled vehicle. The occupant apparently became stuck in the vehicle when the car rolled over.

One individual was sent to a local hospital to receive treatment for injuries. Fortunately, it is believed that the injuries they sustained are not life-threatening. At the time this post is written, police are believed to be continuing to investigate the accident. It is unclear at this time when a final report will be issued.

Luckily, this 18-wheeler crash appears not to have taken a deadly toll. However, this accident is not without its costs, which could include substantial medical bills and property damage. Although it is unclear who was at fault at this time, a personal injury suit may be filed in a Massachusetts court by an individual who has suffered damage alleged to have occurred due to the negligence of others. The burden is on the plaintiff to prove that negligence of another caused the accident and any serious injuries that were suffered as a result. Findings by authorities could contribute to making such a case.

Source: The Republican, "Injuries reported in crash involving tractor trailer truck and 2 passenger vehicles in westbound lanes of Massachusetts Turnpike in Ludlow," George Graham, Sept. 10, 2012