Cause of deadly Massachusetts car accident remains unclear

A common cause of a car accident is when drivers fail to stay in their own lanes. This failure can lead to a deadly head-on car accident. The cause of these accidents can sometimes be hard to determine, leaving Massachusetts police with a difficult job of trying to determine what exactly happened and who should be held liable.

In one recent case, a man was killed after being struck by a car that veered off northbound Interstate 495 near the town of Methuen. The 32-year-old man was pronounced dead a short time after the accident. The other driver, a 35-year-old man, also suffered serious injuries. He was hospitalized with injuries that officials have stated may be life threatening.

Two other cars were also involved in the accident. Fortunately, none of those cars' occupants suffered any injuries. Police were still investigating the crash at the time this post is written, but they say they don't think alcohol was a factor.

Getting to the bottom of this fatal car accident may take some time. There appears to be no clear reason to explain why the driver of the first vehicle veered off the road. It is not known if some type of driver distraction, such as cellphone use, played any role in the collision. Nevertheless, the surviving family retains the right to file a wrongful death claim seeking monetary damages based on evidence of negligence by another party. If the family is able to establish that the driver who left the roadway was negligent and caused the fatal car accident, Massachusetts courts will consider pleas for compensation for resulting damages, both physical and material.

Source: Westford Patch, "Westford Man Pronounced Dead After Crash in Methuen," Andrew Sylvia, Sept. 21, 2012