Massachusetts man injured in multi-vehicle car accident

The intersections of highways and major thoroughfares are often dangerous places. It is incumbent upon motorists to exercise reasonable caution at all times when on the road, but especially when approaching a busy intersection. A recent car accident in Massachusetts serves to illustrate this point and shows us the types of serious injuries that can result from such an accident.

According to reports, the accident occurred around 6 p.m. on a recent Monday. A man was traveling northbound on a highway in western Massachusetts in an SUV at the time of the incident. What happened next isn't clear. Authorities say three vehicles ended up colliding. One was the SUV. Another had been stopped at an intersection, waiting to make a turn. And the third was a minivan that was also heading north on the highway.

When authorities arrived upon the scene, they discovered the SUV on its side. They had to cut its roof away in order to get the driver out. He was stabilized and transported to Berkshire Medical Center for treatment of serious injuries. There were no further details available as to his condition following admission to the hospital. The drivers of both the minivan and the other vehicle were not injured.

Officials indicate that the investigation of this incident is still under way. All three vehicles involved sustained heavy damage and authorities were forced to tow the vehicles from the accident site.

Since we do not yet know all the facts in this case, it would be wise for those involved to take steps to discover their rights under relevant Massachusetts statutes in the event they wish to pursue legal action to recover costs associated with damages suffered in this incident.

Source: The Berkshire Eagle, "Lanesborough man injured in three-car crash in Lenox," Josh Stilts, Nov. 20, 2012