Massachusetts man charged in fatal car accident

A Massachusetts man is dead after a recent early morning accident. Reports at the time this is written indicate that the car accident remains under investigation. Initial reports are that a 28-year-old man was driving a car erratically, sped through an intersection and struck the driver side of a pickup truck operated by the 46-year-old victim.

Authorities in Worcester say they received a call from a security guard several blocks from the site of the accident just minutes before it occurred. The guard reported the young driver was swerving all over the road. Police apparently received a second call from another witness who said the same driver had pulled away from his parking place with the driver-side door open. The witness further told authorities the driver had jumped the curb and hit a parking meter.

Incident reports say the impact caused the pickup to flip onto its side and the car careened into a building. Authorities say the driver of the truck was pronounced dead at the scene. The car driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment of serious injuries. Police say they arrested, booked and processed him at the hospital for multiple charges, including driving under the influence.

Police say they will gather evidence from both vehicles and statements from witnesses. As the investigation moves forward, the victim's family may elect to investigate what legal options are available to it as a result of the fatal car accident. Massachusetts law provides for the right of surviving family members to press a wrongful death civil claim against any party whose negligence is deemed to have caused or contributed to the fatality.

If the car driver in this case is subsequently convicted of the criminal charges now pending against him, the family could offer that conviction as evidence of negligence in a related civil proceeding.